'Normal People' by Geinor Styles

This week's guest blogger is Theatr na nÓg's Artistic Director Geinor Styles. Here she reflects on the crisis the Arts industry in Wales has faced during the Coronavirus crisis along with the personal turmoil workers within the sector are experiencing during this time. 

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From FOMO to LOMO: Why 'lack of missing out' is good for us.

Dean Burnett is a doctor of neuroscience and bestselling author. He hails from Pontycymer in the Garw Valley, South Wales. Here he examines how lack of FOMO (the fear of missing out) during lockdown is possibly a welcome break for our mental health. 

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Dr Camilla Ducker: Leadership, anxiety and apologies

Dr Camilla Ducker is a GP and Public Health Consultant. Here she looks at how a lack of transparency and apologies along with confusing messages by leaders during the Coronavirus crisis impacts on people's mental health and well being. 

Dr Camilla Ducker "That none of our own leaders seems able simply to say sorry is terribly sad."


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Archippus Sturrock: Art and culture should have been at the heart of government response to coronavirus pandemic

This week’s guest writer is Archippus Sturrock, a Welsh poet and adviser on cultural affairs to the SNP Shadow Culture Secretary in the House of Commons. Originally from Christchurch, Monmouthshire, he currently lives in Edinburgh.

The streets are empty. Vacant buses trace unusually calm roads. And those few who have ventured out to replenish their cupboards are keeping as wide a berth as possible from other passersby. For eight weeks now, the lockdown has been our new abnormal.
And with our newfound isolation has come both frustration and introspection. Never has the fabric of our society felt so fragile; never has an appreciation for our lifeblood-labourers been so fierce. These are truths we are reminded of each Thursday evening as we cross the thresholds of our confinement and come together as a community to applaud our essential workers.

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Dr Llinos Roberts: The devastating effects of the virus are yet to come

This week’s guest blogger is Dr Llinos Roberts, a GP at Tumble surgery in the Gwendraeth Valley. Dr Llinos is worried that patients with illnesses other than COVID-19 are not consulting with their doctors. She believes that because of this, “the devastating effects of the virus are yet to come”.



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David Buttress : Re-building the economy post Covid-19

This week’s guest blogger is JUST EAT co-founder and entrepreneur, David Buttress.

Here he explains what needs to happen before the economy can recover from the COVID-19 crisis.


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The principle of scrutiny has stood the test of time - we must uphold it for a better future

In Roman times, the scrutari would look through the rubbish to find something of value.

The modern-day principle of scrutiny is clearly one which has stood the test of time and what better defines a functioning democracy than the perennial right to freely ask questions and search for truth?

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Why we need a Covid Inquiry sooner not later

It has been said a number of times over the course of the last few months that there will come a time to look back and consider whether the decisions made were the right ones.  But, it’s said, that should be left to a future inquiry. Waiting for a Chilcot-style review set up in the aftermath of COVID-19 that reports some years down the line is not an appropriate response, it seems to me, in the current circumstances. That inquiry needs to be set up now. 

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Why Wales needs its own scientific advice

One of the welcome features of the response to the COVID-10 pandemic worldwide is a new-found respect for experts, for evidence and for data.  In the UK, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies has occupied centre-stage. Even its sub-committees NERVTAG, SPI-M and SPI-B have entered into public consciousness.

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Reaching out to other countries

A few thoughts today about the international dimensions to our Welsh struggle against Coronavirus. 

In the last few weeks, I have reached out to a few countries that might be able to help us in specific ways. Here’s a quick summary:

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